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Day 1: Flying, Parks, and Hot Dogs

A Plane!Fluid. That's our word of the week. Move around obstacles and go with the flow. Fortunately, there were no obstacles to flow around today and everybody easily went with the flow on our flight to Boston.

Having arrived at the gate about half an hour before boarding, most of us bought Chick-fil-a for breakfast. This would be the last time we would see a Chick-fil-a for a week (and some of us for two weeks!).

The flight was uneventful, save for a very entertaining flight attendant who was constantly cracking jokes and puns while giving the standard safety speeches. Little Henry was constantly smiling during the flight while the adults passed him around as we soared the skies.We're on a Plane!

Boston Common FountainFinding Alec (who had been flying all night from Hawaii) at the baggage claim, we moseyed outside and waited for Joel and Steve to bring the vans we rented around. There was a small hiccup with the vans, but we're fluid and we patiently waited for the men to arrive.

We met with Josh, Ryan, and Andrew of Charles River Church at the Boston Common, a great big park in the center of downtown Boston. There was a big fountain with ankle-deep water for people to play in. We had lunch on the grass. It was a beautiful day—partly cloudy with the temperature in the high 70's. There were lots of people in the park, with many summer camp kids with their characteristic identical t-shirts going about.

JoshWhile in the Boston Common, Josh gave us some background of the church and Boston area. Charles River Church (CRC) is a church plant about five years old. They average about 130 attendance, most of them being young families and college students. About half of the members are new converts. The other half are split between Christians who moved to the Boston area and nominal Christians (those who call themselves a Christian, but haven't necessarily accepted Christ as their personal Savior).

The Boston area is a true mission field. Did you know a mere 2.1% of the Greater Boston Area population attend evangelical churches? For comparison, the International Mission Board (IMB) considers an area with less than 2% of evangelical Christians to be an "unreached people group". New England used to be one of the great training grounds for Christian missionaries, with many of the Ivy League universities training pastors and missionaries. Now, if a college still teaches theology, it is most likely very liberal.

Students talking with the localsAfter a brief break at the hotel, we headed out to a local park. It had a baseball field, basketball court, tennis court, and a playground nearby. We brought a portable grill and gave out free hot dogs and water to promote tomorrow's movie night at the same park. CRC has hosted a movie night each summer for the past three years. Some of the people we talked to remembered previous events, showing us the community is aware of the church. The kids were excited we gave out over 50 hot dogs and told everybody about the upcoming movie night.

Josh Giving Hot Dogs to Locals

Tomorrow we are set to promote the movie night at the Farmer's Market and VBS week. Stay tuned, we will try to post a summary of each day's events here on #EBCBoston2015

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