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Movie in the Park

Today was another promotion day for Kid's Adventure Week. First, we promoted the promotion at the local market, then we held the movie at the park to promote Kid's Adventure Week.

Farmer's MarketThe farmer's market was located in a central green space surrounded by small shoppes, cafes, restaurants, and some government buildings. Splitting into three shifts, we gave out flyers for the movie night in the park to everybody coming into the market. While one team covered two of the entrances, the rest had time to walk around the market and sample the various wares being sold.

There were so many people there! We got there about 10AM and left around noon, but there was nary a let-up of people for the duration. Vendors packed together, side-by-side in their portable tents, selling a large variety of items, ranging from mushrooms to books, although most of it was fresh food. A clown entertained a gathering of children celebrating a birthday over in one corner of the market. As soon as the clown finished his antics, we were sure to tell everyone about the free movie in the park. Clown

Payne passing out flyersSharon giving a flyer to a man

Glass SmoothStopping mainly because we ran out of flyers, we picked up lunch as we headed back to the hotel. Eating lunch poolside, we eyed the glass-smooth water with hungry eyes. It wasn't long before the kids were jumping in and splashing about.

Jump in!

Box overflowing with popcornWe went back to the field we were at yesterday, where we handed out hot dogs. As we arrive, we see several volunteers from Charles River Church (CRC) already setting up the SnoCone and popcorn machines. We unloaded the vehicles, get assignments, pray, and finish setting up the registration and food area. We stockpile a large amount of popcorn.

The screen is inflated and the loudspeakers are connected. Many of the CRC volunteers are veterans of their annual movie night in the park and the set up is completed quite efficiently.The screen

Finally, it is dark enough to begin the movie. The featured title is Annie, the 2014 reboot of the classic Broadway musical of the same name. Before and after the film, Josh (CRC pastor) mentions Kid's Adventure Week—the main point of this endeavor. With prizes, glowsticks, SnoCones, popcorn, and the most perfect weather possible, it is a proper movie night!

A captive audienceIt was a massive success! We counted over 270 people in attendance! To God be the glory! We are super excited as we approach the kickoff of Kid's Adventure Week. Keep us, Charles River Church, and the Bostonian children who will attend in your prayers. Pray for God to break down barriers and open their hearts.The happiest smile