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Day 2: Preparation and Planning

With everybody together after delayed flights, we get our bearings and start planning out our week in Philadelphia.

The team has been split into four groups based on what sport we will run throughout the week: Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer. Last year, we had about thirty in attendance for the sports camp, and we are hoping for many more this year; although, we are not sure what to expect. We plan on holding two camps each day: one in the morning and one in the evening. Pray that we get not only a good turnout, but that God will bring us exactly the kids he wants us to minister to.

Another nice feature of the group system is that it makes it easy for the leaders to assign kitchen duties, much to the student's chagrin.

Frisbee Games!Armed with a frisbee and an open field, it doesn't take long for a game of ultimate frisbee to form. At the church we are staying at, the students gather around Tim's laptop to watch the USA v Cuba soccer game. Card games are out in force: Golf, Kemps, Spoons, and others are seen throughout the day. Sly bluffs, friendly jibes, and incredulous yells are heard all day as the students try to get every advantage in the good-natured fun.Cards

While Boston's weather was quite nice, if just a tad warmer than we liked, Philly is going to be a scorcher. The forecast calls for mid-nineties the next two days and high-eighties for the rest of the week.

As the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rocky Steps are just a few blocks from where we are staying, we take a quick walk down to it after dinner to see the skyline.

Atop the Rocky Steps

Just as we were returning, a woman comes racing towards us asking, "Does anyone know CPR?!" A young child seemed to have suffered a seizure and the family was panicking and didn't know what to do. David ran over and discovered the child was breathing. After a few minutes of calming down the family and onlookers, the child begins to respond again. Paramedics arrive, David briefs them on the situation and we back out of the area to let the professionals do their work. Our prayers are with the young girl and her family, but all signs looked to be positive. 

After returning from our walk, we find an unopened tub of ice cream left in the freezer by the previous group—it is quickly found to be empty.

With nothing scheduled tomorrow until after our worship time, we get to sleep in! Tomorrow will be filled with Sunday worship, more preparation, planning, and maybe some promotion for Monday's kickoff of our sports camps in Philadelphia.