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Day 5: Work

It's the second day of Kid's Adventure Week (KAW). We almost had no projector for the morning kick-off; but, the keys to the locked door were found just in time. A 3-year-old danced on stage and everyone found her to be the most adorable thing you ever laid your eyes on.

Throughout this trip, we've constantly reinforced to the Eastside kids that we represent Charles River Church (CRC). It's great that we are from Eastside Baptist Church in Marietta, but no one in Boston truly cares about that. As such, we've ensured that any time someone asks who we are, we answer, "We are from Charles River Church." We Eastsiders are here for a moment, have the flashy job of working KAW and doing other work projects, but CRC has the hard job. EBC makes a splash and helps build relationships and interest in the new church plant. But CRC are the ones with the continuing mission ahead of them. Significant work takes a significant amount of work.

We ask that you pray for us. We pray for strength and steadfastness. We thank God for a nice hotel we can go back to every night—not every mission trip is like this. We pray for boldness and courage to be a shining light in a world of darkness. We are thankful for the nice, comfortable, reliable vans transporting us to places the Lord needs us.

In particular, we pray for Charles River Church, who, being one of the very few churches in the Boston area, has a lot of work ahead of them. We pray the people of Boston will be receptive of the Gospel and be reconciled to God. Finally, we pray that our actions and words will be of one accord and demonstrate Christ's glory to all.