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Day 6: Engagement and Clearing Bushes

We are starting to see the fruits of our labor in Charles River Church's first Kids' Adventure Week (KAW). The children are starting to really engage and participate in the different activities.

Wooooooaaaaahhhhh!Being the third day, the team is tired, yet so excited to see the children respond in such a positive manner! Some of the families have expressed an interest in attending church on a more regular basis due to their children having gone home and told of all the exciting things happening at KAW.

A few of the older children in KAW are starting to wonder why we care so much. Today's lesson was on not worrying and we asked them to write out some things they were 

After KAW, we go back to the hotel. Some jump in the pool, some just take a nap.worried about on their arts and crafts. The children asked why would we care about what they worry about. If they didn't get an answer today, they will tomorrow when the full good news of Christ is laid out in plain language to them.


Riding to Trinity Lutheran Church, we are asked to clear out bushes and construct a small, pretend beach area for their children's ministry. Everybody gave 100% and cleared much more brush than anyone expected. The two large bushes in front of the church were chopped down and now cars passing by can clearly see the church.


Now you see two bushes......Now you don't! 

Beach AreaThe weather has been very amicable to us over the week we've been here. While it has been a bit hot and muggy, it hasn't prevented us from getting outside. The light rain we've received hasn't impacted any of our work—in fact, we actually were appreciative of the light drizzle while we cleared the brush!

We are super excited to see what God does tomorrow on the final day of KAW. Our hard work is starting to show results and we're ready to see it to the end. Pray for us to be bold and loving when we share Christ with the children tomorrow. We've seen such a transformation in their behavior during KAW, we hope to see a spiritual transformation as well!