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Day 7: Going out with a Bang

Ready... Aim... Fire!"Today is the best day ever!" exclaimed one of the children after throwing water balloons at Armando for the final recreation time at Kids' Adventure Week (KAW). Going out with a bang, we drew a bullseye on the ground and Armando (willingly) posed as a target for the children to throw water balloons from atop a 20-foot drop.

Water Balloon Volley!In fact, the whole day was exciting and fun filled. All the children were on their feet, raising their hands during music time. They came on stage to show off their dance moves and practice for Sunday morning when Charles River Church recaps KAW for the congregation. Children who were very withdrawn and disinterested on the first day were among the first to jump in to participate in all the activities. Laughter was heard all during the photo slideshow where highlights of KAW were shown, with silly faces and antics by the children front and center.

Even on the last day, we still had new visitors showing, primarily friends of children who were already attending—they had to bring their friends to such an awesome kids camp! The final count was 31 in attendance, yet we touched and affected many, many more than that. For each child in attendance, there is a family back home hearing how much fun and exciting KAW was each day. We already heard of several families expressing an interest in visiting on Sunday morning and we expect more to consider it and come on Sunday after today's excitement.

As CRC rents out the school they use for a worship place, we have to be out of the building by 12:30, which leaves precious little time to pack up our supplies and materials used during the week. We were scurrying back and forth as soon as KAW ended to vacate the building. Loading up the vans, we head to a park to have lunch.

Have I mentioned the beautiful weather before? This week's weather has been a special blessing by God, but today's was particularly delightful. With the high about 68 degrees and mostly cloudy skies, we were able to go outside and truly enjoy it.

After a well-deserved break at the hotel, we go to the "T". Short for "train", the T is a city-wide mass transit system comprised of buses, trains, subways, ferries, and trolleys. Carrying over 1 million commuters daily across all modes of transportation, it's a great place to handout promotional material about a church. That's exactly what we did: a pack of gum and a business card with CRC's info. Commuters were amazed we were simply giving away something; many asked what we wanted in return for the items we were giving away and they were taken aback when we said we wanted nothing in return. We gave out over 300 cards and gum packs.

Today was a good day. Finished KAW, told a bunch of kids about Jesus, promoted CRC, and had fun during the entire time. With the gorgeous weather, we didn't even feel tired—refreshed, actually. Tomorrow is the last day we are here before we fly back home.