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Day 8: Touring Boston

Train arriving

Walking, train riding, and sightseeing were the order of the day. Today was the fun day to celebrate all the hard work the students have accomplished. We toured all around Boston, seeing most of the big historical sights.

Riding the TSubway tunnelBuying day passes for the T (mass transit train system in Boston), we ride downtown to begin our day. Starting off with the Granary Cemetery, we see Samuel Adam, Ben Franklin, John Hancock, and many more grave sites. The art work on the tombstones made it seem like a grave yard right out of the movies, with their iconic soul effigies.

Granary Cemetery

Next, we visit the King's Chapel, one of several old churches we visit. With the organ playing and the odd, square-sectioned pews, it was quite a bit different than modern churches.Square Pews?Dramatic Organ Playing

Walking to the Quincy Market, we pass the Old State house were the Boston Massacre took place. Having lunch at the Quincy Market, we move in and out of the throngs of people to buy our meal. We also see Faneuil Hall.

Inside the Quincy MarketApproaching the Old State House

Strawberries!Taking the T on to our next place, we pass through a vegetable market. They had cartons of strawberries for $1! We exchange a few dollars for some strawberries and chow down as we walk further. Getting to our destination, we arrive at an obviously old, but fairly nondescript building. We are at Paul Revere's house. Before moving on, we catch our breath in an asphalt park across the street.Paul Revere's House

Old North Church and Paul RevereContinuing to walk, we stop in a Catholic church where some of the students were a bit perplexed about the confession booths and their function. Exiting the Catholic church, we down the Paul Revere Mall, where a statue of Paul on his horse and the Old North Church further down. The Old North Church is where Revere placed the two lanterns in the bell tower to warn of the incoming British troops.

After debating how much time we had left, we work our way over to Mike's Pastry. Several of us get chocolate and vanilla cannoli. It was very rich.

Chocolate Canoli

One thing we've noticed in Boston is the restaurants and shops. Most are small and independent businesses. There are few chain businesses, and those that do exist are typically higher-end and bunched together in an area. In the downtown area, all the restaurants opened their large windows all the way, letting the fresh air in and the tasty aromas out.

As a final goodbye, we ate dinner with Josh, Ryan, and their families from Charles River Church. Saying our goodbyes, we return to the hotel to pack for the plane ride home.

See you later today!