Upward Basketball  Upward Basketball online registration will open Monday, September 12 run  through Tuesday, October 25 for the 2015-16 Season! 

 This season, for our Girls Divisions, we will be partnering with Johnson Ferry  Baptist Church and their Upward Basketball League. This will afford our girls  who are participating to be on a specific team throughout the season. Some of  the Girls Divisions will play their games and practices at the Christian Activities  Center. The Girls divisions will be Kindergarten, 1 st & 2 nd Grades, 3 rd & 4 th Grades,  and 5 th Grade.  

For more information about our combined Girls League, go to  www.johnsonferry.org/youthsports and click on Upward Basketball. From there,  you will be able to link to their registration page.  

Here are some details about our Upward Basketball League for Boys:

  • Boys Divisions for 1 st – 6 th Grade (1 st & 2 nd , 3 rd & 4 th , 5 th & 6 th ).
  • Evaluations Schedule:
    • 1 st & 2 nd Grade Boys – Monday, October 24 at 6:00 – 7:00 pm
    • 3 rd & 4 th Grade Boys – Tuesday, October 25 at 6:00 – 7:00 pm
    • 5 th & 6 th Grade Boys – Monday, October 24 at 7:00 – 7:30 pm
  • Practices begin the week of November 28.
  • Games begin Saturday, January 7 and end Saturday, February 18.
  • Early Registration, by October 17, is $93. You may also order shorts for  an additional $17. After October 17, the registration fee is $103.
  • Games will be played at the Christian Activities Center at Eastside Baptist  Church.  

Our online registration host will be Upward Sports. If you would like to register  your son online, go to http://registration.upward.org/upw62512. Online  registration starts on September 12.  

This will be our 17 th season of Upward Basketball at Eastside. Upward  Basketball is a first class basketball experience that emphasizes healthy  competition, sportsmanship, skills building and fun versus the “win at all costs”  mentality that is found in many children’s sports leagues. If you want to find out  more about Upward Basketball, go to www.upward.org.  

For the past two seasons, we have added a new game format for our 5 th & 6 th  Grade League, and it has gone wonderfully! The games look more like a middle  school league game; with four 6 minute quarters, clock stopping for dead balls,  adjusted substitution format, zone defenses allowed, post season tournament  and other fun features!  

For more information, contact Tim McDaniel at tmcdaniel@ebcnet.org.